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Category Archives: Skin Care

Dry Skin? Here are 5 Ways You Can Keep it Hydrated

No matter how good your makeup products are, their effects will simply be canceled out when you have dry skin. It’s an unflattering look and it puts expensive makeup to waste. If you want to own that healthy look that glows from within, you should take some steps to keep your skin hydrated. Below is … Continue reading

3 Skin-Damaging Habits to Avoid

Earthzone Caviar Cream offers an extensive list of skin care products that can keep your skin rejuvenated and healthy. However, aside from using our products, we also want you to take better care of your skin. In fact, we have listed down some skin-damaging habits that you should definitely avoid: Smoking. Everyone knows that smoking … Continue reading

Caviar Extract in Skin Care Products? Learn More about Its Top Benefits

When you hear “caviar” the first thing that may pop into your mind is an expensive delicacy made of wild sturgeon eggs or roe. Traditionally, caviar is indeed served as an expensive treat. However, did you know that it packs major beauty and skincare benefits? Earthzone Caviar Cream offers skin care products made of natural … Continue reading

Useful Tips in Moisturizing Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects the body from bacteria and microorganisms. The skin has to maintain turgor and strength for it to continually give protection. Keeping it clean and healthy all the time is the key in making sure that the skin is in good condition. A lot of … Continue reading


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