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Different Ways Lack of Sleep Can Mess with Your Face

Different Ways Lack of Sleep Can Mess with Your Face

Not getting enough sleep can affect a large portion of our well-being. It not only deprives our brain, body, and skin of nourishment, but it also causes an imbalance in our skin’s chemical composition. This often leads to dehydration, redness, and constant breakouts. The lack of proper sleep may also cause stress and constant mood fluctuations, not to mention the darkening bags forming under our eyes.

According to Rebecca S. Robbins, a researcher from Cornell University and author of “Sleep for Success!”, during a good night’s rest, our body works to remove dead blood cells and brain cells, clearing a pathway for new synapses to form so that new blood cells can replace the old.

Sixty percent of the toxins in our bodies are also expelled during sleep, helping us feel more refreshed when we wake up.

Earthzone Caviar Cream, a trusted provider of caviar skincare products in Los Angeles, would like to give our clients this reminder to make sure they get the right amount of sleep every night to avoid developing skin problems.

Applying caviar cream products on your body and face can also help in restoring moisture and life into your skin!

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