Q: Does your product smell like fish?
A: We have added a special essence that removed the fishy smell so that our products have a pleasant scent.

Q: Are these products for oily or dry skin?
A: All EarthZone Caviar Cream products are appropriate for use on oily or dry skin.

Q: Why is there a tingling sensation around the eyes when using the caviar eye cream?
A: You may sometimes experience a tingling sensation due to the high amount of Vitamin C, which when absorbed promotes production of collagen which diminishes wrinkles.

Q: Why did you choose caviar?
A: Caviar contains all of the proteins, lipids, and vitamins essential for keeping skin young and healthy.

Q: Why did you use potato extract?
A: Potato extract has a lifting effect. When you use the night cream, the next day it will appear as though you had a lift overnight. Remember, hundreds of years ago people used potatoes externally to remove pain and inflammation.

Q: Why cucumber?
A: Cucumber helps remove damage caused by daily oxidation of your skin cells. It is also soothing and helps to reduce irritation.

Q: Do I need to use sun block after applying the day cream?
A: Caviar day cream has very little sun protection in its formula, so it is best to apply sun block with an SPF of 15-30 on top of your day cream.

Q: How can I receive free samples?
A: We apologize, but we do not currently provide free samples. We do, however, include our Caviar hand cream with purchases over $75.

Q: What is the shelf life of EarthZone Caviar cream products?
A: Caviar cream products can be used for up to four years after purchase.

Q: Are Caviar cream products safe for pregnant women and children to use?
A: We do not recommend that pregnant women, children, or individuals with an allergy to fish use EarthZone Caviar cream products.

Q: Is Caviar cream organic?
A: EarthZone Caviar cream has chosen to be high performance rather than strictly organic. We believe it is more important to deliver incredible anti-aging results than simply be just another organic brand.