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How to Pick the Perfect Moisturizers

How to Pick the Perfect Moisturizers

No two people have the same skin type. Even the most expensive and well-known caviar skincare products in Los Angeles can’t guarantee you the outcome you are aiming for. You may be asking, what do I do now?

Well, the best thing to do is to experiment in which ones are right for your skin. Even experts in the field of skincare still explore. Most people don’t get it right off the bat, and no one expects to either, so don’t be discouraged if your caviar cream products are not working for you. Just keep looking!

Earthzone Caviar Cream is here to give you a bit more guidance on what type of moisturizer you can get for your skin type. Take a look:

  • Oily skin.
    The best is to get gel moisturizers because it is mostly water-based, lightweight, and absorbs quickly.
  • Normal or combination skin.
    We recommend lotions. The lotion is a classic moisturizer level and feels more moisturizing than gel.
  • Dry skin.
    We recommend cream and soft cream. This is more oil-based and will provide your skin with the moisture it needs.
  • Inflamed and sensitive skin.
    We suggest balms. Similar to a cream, it gives the right amount of moisture needed but has a denser texture. Balms are the best for extremely dry skin types.

Don’t be scared to try out different types of skin care products in Los Angeles. You’ll find the perfect match son enough. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Just dial 310-995-2536 to get in touch.

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