With a lot of passion, chemistry, and pure obsession, two pharmacists, Jasmine Newman and Parva Elihu, were able to turn their interest in health and beauty into a brand.

Jasmine Newman, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and Parva Elihu, of University of Tehran - both registered pharmacists - decided to experiment with the use of caviar, a fruitful fish egg that is believed to withhold the powers of youth. The results were spectacular! The pair had found the perfect ingredient to deter aging.

Instantly, the caviar cream they formulated showed an intense reduction in wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. A healthy glow emerged; the kind that only appears after a day at the spa. Their knowledge and experience as pharmacists allowed them to develop a perfect formula mixed with potato and cucumer extract, delivering firming, lifting components that fight wrinkles on the skin.

Jasmine and Parva have extended their line from Caviar Cream day cream and night treatment, to luxury soap, hand cream, eye cream, face mask, cleanser, and plumping lip balm.

These skin care products, at the intersection of luxury and science, combine energizers, nourishers, and firmers, to bring the best of both worlds for healthy youth, radiance, and glow!